Lab Pros, a division of Pro Source Inc., is a scientific search firm founded in 1984. Our office is located in the life science hub of the greater Boston area. We provide scientific staffing services on a contract and direct hire basis for a variety of markets within life sciences, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The positions we recruit for range in level from entry to Senior Director.

Every single day we see a puzzle being created that needs to be solved. In the hiring process, companies want great people and have problems fitting the right piece in the right place. Additionally, from the candidate’s perspective, the puzzle is created when they know they are the right fit for a role and an organization and can’t get the attention they deserve to insert the right piece. Inserting the wrong piece into the puzzle on either side causes problems for both.

We view our job as the puzzle solver. Understanding what clients need down to the specifics and then working with qualified scientific professionals to ensure a match is our primary value. No one wants to waste anyone’s time, but the current hiring/career puzzle sometimes causes it.