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We are seeking data science and machine learning interns as we assemble our AI team. The AI team charter is to solve some of the most challenging and impactful big data problems in the healthcare industry today by helping clinicians and pharmaceutical companies make sense of petabytes of time-series biomarker data. This internship opportunity is ideal for highly-motivated students who want to apply their machine learning and mathematics knowledge combined with coding skills to create an impact on disease diagnosis and treatment. As an intern, you will develop prototypes and proof-of-concepts to demonstrate the feasibility, usability and prognostic value of ML models that incorporate a set of clinically relevant biomarkers (i.e. disease markers) and EMR data. These models will present clinicians with a recommendation on the disease progression as a confidence percentage and are expected to augment clinician’s intelligence — helping them develop better insights into the disease diagnosis and progression and improve the accuracy of their clinical evaluation of patients leading to treatment plans that improve the outcome of disease management. The validation of prognostic value will be done by comparing the performance of the model with real-world data on a dataset of anonymized patients (e.g. time-series analysis correctly predicting timely clinical intervention to avoid exacerbating/hospitalization). In addition, you will be expected to come up with a novel approach that addresses a huge issue for clinicians and patients who need to understand the AI system/model’s reasoning, not just its output (“the why as well as the what”). The ideal candidates should have a deep background in machine learning algorithms (such as Support Vector Machine, Bayesian, Random Forest, Ensemble Classifiers, Neural Networks etc), a high degree of maturity in pure or applied math with coursework spanning probability theory, functional analysis and advanced linear algebra. BS, MS or PhD in either Computer Science or Mathematics or related field is required along with strong software development skills, with proficiency in Python and C++ preferred.

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